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How to Prep your home for Winter!

Diane Starr - Thursday, November 30, 2017

How to Prep your home for Winter!

Test your heater. Make sure your heating system is working like it should. Test your heater.

Reverse your ceiling fan. In the summer, ceiling fan blades cool a room by pushing cold air down. In the winter, you want the opposite to happen. Most ceiling fans come complete with a switch that allows you to reverse the direction the blades spin. Flip it to get a little help with keeping warm air near the part of the room you’re living in.

Consider smaller heaters. Space heaters and electric blankets are just two ways that you can add extra warmth to parts of your home that you use the most. Focus on these and you could save big on heating costs.

Inspect windows. Look over your windows and determine if they have leaks or are drafty. 

Learn to use your thermostat. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can save big by programming it to warm the house when you’re there and cool it when you’re not. 

Check your smoke detectors. Between holiday lights, candles, space heaters, and other devices, there are plenty of fire hazards in the winter. Make sure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxides are in good working order so you’ll be alerted of any hazards with enough time to get out of the house.

Invest in warm bedding. You’ll keep yourself from shivering at night when you’re sleeping by getting flannel sheets, a down comforter, or other types of super warm bedding.

Stockton has second fastest growing rents in nation

Diane Starr - Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Stockton has second fastest growing rents in nation

California is the fourth most-expensive state to live in, according to CNBC. Considering the sky-high housing expenses in the Bay Area and Southern California, it doesn’t come as a surprise that is increasing the demand for rentals in the San Joaquin and Sacramento areas. Though Stockton’s rate of increase is high, the average rent for an apartment in Stockton was still below the national average at $990. Which we believe has increase the demand of affordable housing to be at a all time high in San Joaquin County.
According to the report, from May 2016 to May 2017, Stockton had the fastest-growing rent in the country. Its rent grew 10.6 percent to $1,030. Sacramento came in fifth on the list, as its rent grew 8.2 percent to $1,214.
Even though Stockton and Sacramento saw increases in rent, and San Joaquin and Sacramento is only projected to grow in the future. With a all time lowest vacancy rent we have ever had here in Stockton. 
With that all said, here at Starr Property Management we have been working over 30 years in Stockton and Sacramento property management has given us the knowledge and experience required for understanding what service and commitment to our clients is all about. We bring our combined talents and ideas together in a steady effort to best work for you and with you in every capacity needed for your home rental concerns.
Our associates at Starr Property Management have worked hard and gained local support by establishing a solid reputation built on offering competent, blue ribbon services. Satisfied clients are our most valued resource.
Please give our office a call to discuss all your property management needs.

Resident Maintenance Requests

Diane Starr - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

There are times when owning a rental property can feel like pouring silver dollars into a big bottomless hole with no chance of recovering them. After a vacancy and repairs, the property successfully rents and then the tenant wants the property owner to spend more money on repairs. It could be a big property tax bill is due or the mortgage is adjustable and the payment is more. The property owner's attitude is - when is it going to end and why should I spend more?

There are times when it may seem never ending but it is important to stop and consider the tenant request; even if there have been recent expenditures. It may be logical to turn down the tenant's request but before doing so, it is important to ask a series of questions before automatically saying "no." Here are questions with appropriate examples.

  • Is the request a habitability issue? Example: there are large holes in the carpet that cannot be repaired and this could cause residents to trip and fall; if this happens, the insurance will probably not cover the accident if there is known neglect; it would have been cheaper to replace the flooring.
  • Is this request reasonable? It may be that the kitchen curtains are torn and dirty; the only solution is replacement and it reduces complaints from the tenant. Would you want to live with this condition?
  • Will refusing the request increase the chance of a shorter tenancy and increased possibility of a vacancy? Example: the request is reasonable but the owner turns it down and subsequent other reasonable requests; the tenant is not happy and there are many properties on the market; at the first opportunity, the tenant gives notice so they can find a better rental property.
  • Can the property owner delay this request for a reasonable period? Example: the tenant wants a new dishwasher installed because the current one is rusting and does not wash well; because of many recent repairs, the owner agrees to install a new one in six months and the tenant is satisfied with this compromise.
  • Is it appropriate to ask the tenant to share in the cost? Example: the carpet is serviceable but an outdated color. The property owner proposed they would put in new carpeting but that the tenant pays forty percent of the cost; the tenant agrees because it is cheaper than moving and they like the location.

Ultimately, will the tenant request provide any return on investment (ROI)? If you look at any of the previous questions and examples, you will recognize that any of them will increase a return on the investment for one or all of the following reasons.

  • By keeping the tenants happy and reducing the vacancy factor
  • By improving the property
  • By reducing liability and costly litigation

When should you turn down a tenant request? There are times when a tenant request is definitely unreasonable and is definitely unnecessary. Just take the time to consider the request and discuss the request with us to seek any possible solutions. We want the best for your investment.

On Line Records Convenience for Residents and Owners

Diane Starr - Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The convenience of using a property management company that offers online services is very important. 

Everyone lives such busy day to day lives and  having the options to  check on your
transactions online is very convenient.  Owners can live in a different state or country and still have access. Residents can be out of town and have access to pay rent, communicate with the office and/or report repairs.

Some of the Owners questions that can be answered just by logging in your portal:
   * Did my tenant pay?
   *What bills were paid towards the property.
   *Access to forms for taxes.
   *What expenses and profit were made to the property?
   *Owner contribution towards property online.
   *Review copies of actual invoices for repairs done to my property. 
   *Has my proceeds payment been sent?

Some of the Resident questions/services that can be addressed just by logging into your portal:
   *Did my rent get posted?
   *Do I owe any balance?
   *I can report any repair requests.
   *I can set up my rent on auto epay.
   *I can give notice to move.
   *I can send my manager a message regarding an issue/question I have

Embracing technology makes being an Owner or Resident so much easier! You can access your account from any computer or mobile device!

Responding To Maintenance Emergencies After Hours

Diane Starr - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Responding to Residents for after hour maintenance emergencies:

Are we available for your residents 24-7? Please realize that this does not mean following up on minor issues that can be easily addressed in the light of day. It does mean that when you have a legitimate concern, are we easily reachable, even if just for some reassurance?

If you’re a little confused on what constitutes a legitimate emergency, here are some issues that we should respond to as quickly as possible. And remember, if you’re not sure, err on the side of the emergency being important and pick up the phone and call.

  • Major leaks, which can not be contained or issues such as a toilet or sink overflowing from an upstairs units.

  • A fire causing major damage.

  • A clogged toilet when you only have one toilet

  • A break in, leaving your home unsecured.

  • Any structural issues. This can include anything from collapsing balconies, stairways, carports, or ceilings.

  • Any gas smells. While hopefully residents have been instructed to call the local gas company in the event of a gas smell, this is an issue that managers need to address promptly.

While we do not to respond to every issue that arises after hours, it’s important for residents to know that should an emergency arise outside normal business hours, we are only a phone call away.

Happy 23rd Anniversary to us!

Diane Starr - Monday, August 22, 2016

Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love what you are doing!

We are thankful for all of our clients, vendors and staff for this exciting time!


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